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A Poem

Nominated for Best Experimental Short

Directors: Sayed Jalal Hussaini & Jamil Jalla

6' • Germany • 2021


Yak Sher (Dari for: A Poem) is a short movie by Jamil Jalla & Jalal Hussaini - two Afghan filmmakers who fled to Hamburg, Germany and tell the exemplary story of an Afghan father who fled from Kabul to Hamburg, Germany in pursuit of (financial) security for himself and his family - visualizing the Afghan (diasporic) experience marked by war, poverty & displacement. Yak Sher is the outcome of producing a documentary like short movie based on an already existing soundtrack - namely the sophomore album of Afghan-German hiphop producer Farhot, who sampled from Afghan movies by Golden Globe winning director Siddiq Barmak for his critically acclaimed album.

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